Our Weed Control Services

We provide all the tools and knowledge necessary to manage outdoor spaces.

We offer our weed control service in NZ without the use of herbicide's like glyphosate.


Streets, parks and boat-ramps are are valuable assets and need to be well maintained. For public sector clients we can offer a full service solution for weed, moss and algae control as well as cleaning and sanitisation.

At Safe Weed Control, we work with our clients to develop a full service solution for vegetation control as well as outdoor cleaning and sanitisation tailored to your properties unique landscape and requirements.

We assist clients with the upkeep of their whole property including soft surface areas like garden beds or hard surfaces like driveways and paths. As well as cleaning and sanitisation. We can tailor a full service programme so your homes outdoor areas are effortlessly maintained all year round.

Young people are uniquely affected by chemical herbicides in the air. For universities and schools and early childhood, we can help to keep your outdoor spaces free from weeds any time of year, all without the use of nasty chemicals.