weed control technology

Parnell Lawn Tennis Club

Below are examples of how Safe Weed Control can treat weedy and mossy surfaces at your local tennis club, school or university.

All using a safe, herbicide-free and environmentally friendly solution.

weed control technology


We at Safe Weed Control provide you with a full service solution. Ensuring the process is seamless from start to finish.

We specialise in green and cost-effective ways to manage weeds, moss, algae, outdoor cleaning, sanitisation and more. For a little inspiration why not check out our before and after transformations below.


The Challenge

At Safe Weed Control, the environment is at the heart of all we do. For that reason we strive to provide a full service safe and organic weed control solution while ensuring first class results.

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Our Company

We constantly scale our work processes using new technology and data retention to improve and tailor our service to you.

Our outcomes based culture is driven by our small and motivated team of skilled workers. Motivated staff lead to strong results and happy customers.

“Parnell Lawn Tennis Club was thrilled with the prompt thorough service provided by Matt Kirby at Safe Weed Control. Matt provided a comprehensive quote with various options to address the clubs diverse weed problems. The requested product and services where delivered on on time and to budget ensuring that trip and slip health and safety hazards from moss mould and lichen on our courts, decks and walkways was neutralised. We would highly recommend SWC to provide quality solutions.”