Weed Control without Glyphosate

We offer non-herbicide weed control solutions without glyphosate.

Join the movement and become herbicide-free today.

Questions continue to mount over the risks associated with glyphosate, from links to cancer to affecting bees and biodiversity. It's use is causing rising concern around its use in our public spaces and on our properties.

We offer non-herbicide weed control without glyphosate. Our herbicide-free weed solution Foamstream, works by combining the heat from hot water with it's all natural foam. The foam retains the heat on the target for long enough to ensure an effective result, all without the use of nasty herbicides like glyphosate.

Safe and healthy soil

Healthy soil is the foundation of a happy community. Our Foamstream technology is fully biodegradable.

Prevent cancer

Health and safety concerns about glyphosate are rising around the world. We provide safe non-herbicide weed control without glyphosate in New Zealand.

Become green

Green is our future. Help to protect our planet for future generations.

Protect our water

Our organic herbicide-free solutions do not harm sea, lakes and rivers. Keep our water safe.

Protect our environment.

Using herbicide-free weed control is one of the best ways to work with, rather than against, nature. By using organic and biodegradable solutions in your area you can have a powerful impact on the wellbeing of your community, employees, plants and animals.


Safer for communities, pets, water and soil


More satisfied and happy communities


More cost-effective then conventional steam

As few as 4 Applications per year!

Compared with 8 yearly applications when using conventional steam or hot water solutions.

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Foamstream is the leading herbicide-free solution for controlling unwanted vegetation. The foam is made from plant oils and sugars making it safe for everyone.


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