Concerns around the use of herbicides like glyphosate are becoming a key factor when looking to implement weed control for local bodies. This is particularly front of mind when keeping public spaces safe for children. We've put together some key thinking points for New Zealand to consider when looking for safe weed control.

Are pesticides safe for use around children?

Pesticides are defined as any poisonous substance that prevents, eliminates, or mitigates pests such as mammals, birds, insects, weeds, microorganisms, and more. Because pesticides are designed to be toxic to their target, pesticide use is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

In recent years, there has been some concern surrounding the use of pesticides - namely those that include glyphosate. The speculation and concern of using glyphosate has resulted in many  councils and towns across the globe searching for a safe alternative. Decision makers are banning the use of chemicals within their districts to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living.

Is there a herbicide-free weed killer that’s safe for use around children?

There are various methods of weed control that can be used around children, the most effective being Foamstream. Foamstream is a herbicide-free method of weed control that uses an environmentally safe, biodegradable foam. The layer of foam provides insulation to the hot water that surrounds the plant, ensuring that the water is above required temperature to kill the weed (57˚C/135°F). The plant is subjected to the heat long enough for it to be killed or severely damaged.

Why is Foamstream safe for use around children?

Foamstream’s environmentally friendly foam is made from natural plant oils and sugars meaning that no harmful chemicals are used, which makes it perfectly safe for use around children.

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